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CMOS is a multidisciplinary research group that develops theory and applied knowledge concerning management and organisations Our researchers develop a better understanding of how resource and political relations evolve to shape organisational practices and processes, their social significance and impact, and how they affect the performance of organisations.

CMOS’ work co develops analysis with industry partners and the Centre has developed a strong reputation for meaningful and effective interactions in this regard; collaborating with government and private industry in Australia and internationally to carry out and disseminate research.

Research Streams

The main research programs within CMOS are:

The metrics of the journals in which its members publish position is as the most successful management -based  research group in Australia.

CMOS members publish their research in several top tier publications such as Administrative Science Quarterly (A*), Organization Science (A*), Organization Studies (A*), Academy of Management Learning and Education (A*), Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal (A) Human Relations (A) International Journal of Project Management (A), Management Learning (A)

CMOS members have a strong track record in attracting research funding.The centre adopts a portfolio approach that does not privilege any specific research methods. Quantitative and Qualitative perspectives are used to appropriately fit the methods to the problems being investigated.

CMOS attracts many distinguished visitors from partner institutions. These include SINTEF Norway; Copenhagen Business  School; Oxford; Michigan University; St Andrews University; Harvard; Stockholm School of Economics; University of Lille, France.


CMOS will be internationally recognised as an outstanding centre conducting exemplary research on practices and processes of management and organisations. 

Our Mission

To continue creative researching and making sense of organisational and managerial practices, processes  and performance.

To continue to forge strong productive collaborations between Academics and Practitioners.

To continue to be at the forefront of theory and research that advances innovative and ethical practices and processes and that adds sustainable value, broadly conceived to  organisations and society at a local, national and global level.